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Pulse Logic mission is to aid embedded systems programmers with implementation of compute intensive algorithms. Pulse Logic provides FPGA design and verification services and helps with embedded systems and FPGA devices integration. Embedded systems programmers receive ultra fast implementation of compute intensive algorithm in FPGA devices.

Most of electronic devices manufactured in Europe are based on microprocessors or microcontrollers. Microprocessors are programmed to perform strictly defined functions dedicated to specific electronic devices. Such microprocessor systems are frequently named embedded systems. Microprocessor is embedded into electronic device and a user has very limited possibility to change its operations. Modern embedded systems gives sometimes possibility to update their firmware.

Several fast microprocessors for embedded systems are available on the market. For instance ARM, MIPS or fast versions of 8051. They are popular because of relatively low prices, high performance and availability of programming tools supporting high level languages. However, embedded systems programmers encounter quite often difficulties with implementation of compute intensive algorithms, for example: DSP or other real time operations. Expanding the system with additional microprocessors rises significantly expenses and may not provide required performance. FPGA devices are often the only solution of the performance issues. FPGA gives pipelining and paralleling possibilities. Dedicated FPGA logic may work on high clock frequency. Modern FPGA devices achieve easily speed over 100MHz. FPGA vendors usually provide design and verification environment for free or for relatively low prices. It makes FPGA cheap and excellent solution for performance issues in embedded systems. It is worth mentioning that FPGA devices are easy to reprogram can be updated along with embedded system firmware.

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